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Most people don’t think of tests in terms of pounds. We do because with millions of American students taking mandatory tests annually, the test booklets add up to hundreds of thousands of pounds and require specialized pick-up, transportation and distribution to school districts and sometimes even to the individual schools within those districts. Tests must then be picked up and returned to scoring centers, all within very tightly prescribed time lines. This is our exclusive focus.

There is no room for failure in this high stakes industry. All students in the US are required — at some point in their academic lives — to undergo mandatory educational testing by the state or federal government. Their academic futures depend on the outcomes of some of these tests, so security is extremely high with rigid chain-of-custody requirements. Our systems and process are designed for just these parameters and our chain-of-custody documentation is second to none.

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We are test transportation experts. No one performs test pick-up, transportation, distribution, and return to the scoring center faster, more accurately, and with tighter security than we do. Find out more about our proven service offerings today.

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